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"FILTR-CLEER – a multi-layer filter whose typical application is the elimination of turbidity, suspended solids and of small quantities of heavy metals (particularly Iron and Manganese). 

CULLAR for typical applications of removal of undesired odours and tastes and excess Chlorine and its derivatives. 

CULLNEU, for typical applications of remineralization and neutralization in acid water and in water with low mineral content, inhibiting water aggressiveness toward metal piping.

SUPER IRON, multi- layer filter using a selective mineral for Iron and Manganese removal. 

G.A.C., granular activated carbon, specific adsorbent for organohalogenated compounds, antiparasitics, heavy metals and other substances harmful to health.

BIOFILTER, special filter for removing Ammonia, where the main function of the quartz filter media is to support the nitrification biomass, consisting in two strains of aerobic bacteria. Nitrosomonas converts ammoniacal Nitrogen to nitrous Nitrogen, while the nitrobacter completes the oxidation to nitric, transforming Ammonia ultimately into Nitrate. The biofilter is also able to oxidize and remove appreciable concentrations of Iron and Manganese when present in the water. 

MULTI-LAYER FILTRATION Filtration made with the traditional “single layer” filters has three practical and evident limits: only the upper part of the mineral layer “works” trapping the turbidity, while the lower layers remain idle; the resistance opposed to the water flow (pressure loss) increases very rapidly, making frequent backwashes necessary. Specific flow rates have been decreased in order to safeguard the quality. The most recent “multi-layer” filters allow selective turbidity removal within the filtering layers, that are of different thickness and made of minerals having different mesh and specific weight.This technology allows a higher filtration velocity (if necessary) and very low usage of coagulants. 

OMNIFILTRATION® SYSTEM AND OFSY FILTERING GROUPS While “multi-layer filtration” performed by Filtre- Cleer captures very large quantity of turbidity with limited pressure losses, it does not prevent the leakage of small turbidity particles that escape from the granules before maximum adsorbing capacity of filtering beds is reached. In order to solve this problem, Culligan has perfected the “Omnifiltration” system, made of two filtering sections of “Filtr-Cleer” placed in series: the first works until the complete saturation of the mineral and the second buffers any turbidity leakage, guaranteeing the output of perfect and constant crystal-clear water, even if the quality of the inlet water changes. Some of the most appreciated features of the OMNIFILTRATION system (OFSY) are: low installation and operational costs, reduced dimensions, high versatility, simple and quick start-up procedure, excellent quality of water produced. The above makes the OFSY system by far superior to any other conventional filtration method. OFSY is in operation in hundreds of waterworks around the world. 

MULTI-LAYER TURBITIDY FILTERS: a multi-layer filter whose typical application is the elimination of turbidity, suspended solids and small quantities of heavy metals. The minerals utilized as filter bed are Cullcite, granular anthracite of low density as the upper layer, Cullsan, long life ultra-pure silica sand with no carbonates, chemically inert and Garnet, a material of low mesh and high specific weight, used for high quality filtration.

AUTOMATIC ACTIVATED CARBON FILTERS: for the removal of undesired odors and excess Chlorine. Cullar is a granular form of activated carbon with high degree of porosity offering an extraordinary adsorbing capacity.

FILTERS FOR IRON – MANGANESE REMOVAL:automatic multi-layer filter using a selective mineral (Cullsorb M) for Iron and Manganese removal. Filter can be activated with various oxidizing agents.

FILTERS FOR HARDNESS INCREASE AND pHADJUSTMENT: for typical applications of neutralization in acid water. It preserves the acid action of water by increasing its hardness, inhibiting corrosion. Cullneu is a granular mineral of Calcium Carbonate that dissolves in proportion to the amount of neutralized acidity and must therefore be refilled periodically."

Hi- FLO 2 

A filter suitable for reduced flow rates and characterized by “Triple-Hull” protection which is realized with a non toxic plastic sheet inside of the tank and a plastic, rigid container on the outside. The sequence of the various phases is controlled by a multi-port hydraulic valve. 


Filter suitable for industrial applications. It differs from Hi-Flo 9 only in lower filtering bed thickness (and therefore in total height). It is recommended for treatment of water without particular characteristics. 


Industrial filter suitable for professional and industrial applications. The tank is protected by a layer of food-grade epoxy resin inside and by a synthetic paint outside.

TWIN configuration of HI-FLO 9 

Twin configuration is characterized by a single group of valves that controls two filters. The advantage of this configuration is that the flow rates for service as well for backwash are the same. Backwash occurs in sequence one filter after the other, thus saving on plumbing and pumping costs.


Special filter, recommended for Ammonia removal. 


The versatility and adaptability of the Omnifiltration (OFSY) is certified by hundreds of systems installed in waterworks plants around the world, from low to very high flow rates.The Omnifiltration System has acquired a well deserved reputation thanks to its excellent performances, both from an economical and qua

lity point of view. 





The system is made of four filters assembled in a “clover” configuration, controlled by a single centralized group of valves. The compactness of the system is evident. The modular design of the system makes it possible to be very flexible whenever capacity increases are necessary, or when stand-by equipment is mandatory.